Stunning Four Poster Double Bed with Turned Posts in New Brighton, West Yorkshire for sale

Stunning Four Poster Double Bed with Turned Posts

Gorgeous statement piece four poster double bed. This is an amazing bed if you don't have a lot of space it's by no means small but suits a modern house. Ours is Victorian but the room it is in has low ceilings. The first picture we have removed the top front post so you get the full effect of the bed which works really well. We have the front post. It has been well waxed and has a wonderful rich patina to the wood. It cost £800 new and I think the colour now is much better than when new. Pine is a lovely wood that ages beutifully but easily to change the colour also. It's a nice solid bed. It comes with wooden slats but the mattress is not included in the sale. Just the bed is for sale not the voile or bedding or cushions.